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Lough Neagh Wetlands

Local Biodiversity Action Plan


Lough Neagh Wetlands Local Biodiversity Action Plan

1.0. Introduction

2.0. The Lough Neagh Wetlands

3.0. Biodiversity Audit

4.0. List of Species selected for action (Phase 1)

4.1. Barn Owl Species Action Plan

4.2. Bats Species Action Plan (All bat species)

4.3. Breeding Wader Species Action Plan (curlew, lapwing & redshank)

4.4. Common Tern Species Action Plan

4.5. Dyschirius obscurus (ground beetle) Species Action Plan

4.6. Irish Damselfly Species Action Plan

4.7. Irish Hare Species Action Plan

4.8. Tree Sparrow Species Action Plan

4.9. Whooper Swan Species Action Plan

5.0. List of Habitats selected for action (Phase 2)

5.1. Eutrophic Standing Water Habitat Action Plan

5.2. Fen Habitat Action Plan

5.3. Floodplain Grazing Marsh Habitat Action Plan

5.4. Hedgerow Habitat Action Plan

5.5. Lowland Meadow Habitat Action Plan

5.6. Lowland Raised Habitat Action Plan

5.7. Purple Moor-grass and Rush Pasture Habitat Action Plan

5.8. Reedbed Habitat Action Plan

5.9. Rivers & Streams Habitat Action Plan

5.10. Wet Woodland Habitat Action Plan

6.0. Action to control the spread of non-native invasive species

6.1. Invasive Species Action Plan

7.0. Getting Involved

8.0. Designated Sites in the Lough Neagh Wetlands

9.0. Biodiversity Partnership

10.0 Costs associated with the delivery of the plan





Church Island, Lough Beg
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