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Lower Bann Partnership


Lower Bann Partnership was formed in June 2004, as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, to promote sustainable development within the Lower Bann region.  It subsequently secured £0.75m funding from DARD through the Building Sustainable Prosperity Programme and a contribution to administration costs from each of the five District Councils along the river.  It currently acts as an intermediary funding body administering the project budget for local rural development initiatives within the strategic framework of the Lower Bann Sustainable Development Programme (LBSDP).

The company currently has two employees – the manager and an administrative officer.  It also has a Board of 19 Directors and 17 Advisers, comprised of key stakeholders in the region. One of the primary functions of the Sustainable Development Manager will be to effectively administer the EU funded programme (LBSDP), in addition to facilitating company development.

Lower Bann Sustainable Development Programme

The overall aim of the Lower Bann Sustainable Development Programme is to provide a co-ordinated, strategic, sustainable and targeted approach to the conservation, management and development of the natural, built and recreational environment of the Lower Bann River and hinterland for the benefit of local people, stakeholders and visitors.

The objectives of the programme are as follows:

  1. To implement projects that will protect and enhance the physical and natural environment of the Lower Bann Corridor in line with the current best practice and standards relating to the environment and biodiversity by 30 September 2008.
  2. To attract at least 1000 visitors per annum to use current and newly developed recreational facilities under the Lower Bann Sustainable Development Initiative by 30 September 2008.
  3. Create 3.5 permanent full time & 31 temporary part time jobs by 30 September 2008.
  4. To improve the infrastructure for tourism and recreation by implementing the projects agreed with DARD

Objects of Lower Bann Partnership

  1. Encourage the protection, management and sustainable development of the Lower Bann River and its hinterland and to ensure that local stakeholders have an input into this process.
  2. Promote rural regeneration for the benefit of the public, inhabitants, interested parties and users of the Lower Bann River and its environs in a common effort to protect the environment, promote facilities in the interests of social and economic welfare and to advance education.
  3. Facilitate the development, management and marketing of the Lower Bann region.
  4. Protect, conserve, sustain, enhance and raise appreciation and awareness of the natural and built heritage and environment.
  5. Provide and facilitate the provision of recreational opportunities for the local population and visitors.
  6. Provide and facilitate the provision of opportunities to raise the social and cultural identity of the River amongst local people and visitors.
  7. Undertake a co-ordination and networking role with other agencies and interested parties within the public, private and community sectors involved in rural regeneration, the environment and tourism.

The Partnership can be contacted at

Lower Bann Partnership

Old School House

20 Castle Street


BT45 8LA


Tel: 028 7938 6627







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